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All articles found on this website are derived from personal experience and are written from notes and photographs taken at the time.

The squeaking laminate floor solution prompted me to create these pages as it was such a cheap and simple solution to a very annoying problem. I add more articles, as and when I think that I have something that is worth sharing.

I am a semi-retired degree qualified professional engineer in electronics and mechanical engineering with project planning experience in industrial maintenance and facilities.

I have worked for several blue-chip companies throughout the last 40 years.

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Cure Laminate Floor Creaking and Squeaking
New laminate flooring laid on a wooden subfloor creaked in several places until I used this simple solution that has lasted since 2014.

Damp Problems and Cavity Wall Insulation
Getting cavity wall insulation was a mistake. The company employed to do the work used unskilled workers that hadn't a clue how to do the job properly.

Fix Toilet Bowl/Pan to Floor without using Screws or Drilling into Tiles
After re-joisting and tiling my bathroom floor, I fixed the toilet down with low modulus silicon which performed well at first but soon became unstable. I have since found the ideal the ideal product and the toilet has now held firm since 2010.

Fix Leaking Central Heating Radiator
I had perforations in one central heating radiator. There are many epoxy-based products available for this type of repair. The one I chose to use was one I had on hand at the time and proved to be a good fix.

Join Copper Pipe to Lead Pipe
This problem was encountered when replacing my bathroom floor. The cold supply to the bathroom was under the floor and the joint between an old lead pipe and copper had failed. I measured the lead pipe diameter and obtained a compression joint to match the lead pipe and the copper. Fitted 2010 without problems since.

Seal the Edges of a Kitchen Sink Worktop (Waterproof the Chipboard Edge)
When fitting an inset sink, it is advisable to seal the edge of the worktop cutout before fitting the sink. It is not advisable to use silicon for this as it does always penetrate the surface of the chipboard and can let moisture through. The method described here will provided a permanent barrier to water penetration of your worktop.


Digital Shower Thermometer
My mother-in-law has alzheimer's and showering her was initially a problem when trying to set the correct shower water temperature. I used a clinical thermometer initially but soon got tired of using it and I sought a more convenient solution. I found a cheap digital thermometer that was easily fitted between the shower head and shower rose. No batteries were required as the flow of water powered the thermometer as soon as the shower is turned on.

Improve Internet Access Throughout Your Home
Improve your home internet Wi-Fi signal in just one area or throughout the house.
Boost your Wi-Fi without any complicated setups.
Add network sockets to any room without any additional wiring.

Long Range Wirless Doorbell - Review
I am a professional electronics engineer, semi-retired and I use my home workshop to do repairs to electronic equipment and computers. Customers use the main house doorbell to alert me in my rear workshop. Reliability is paramount.
This article describes a reliable and long range wirless doorbell that has served me for several years. It is capable of a range of 200M plus and has the capability of having multiple Bell Pushes assigned to different doors with individual melodies for each door.

Redirect Landline Calls to your Mobile Phone/Cellphone for Free
(Currently unavailable or may be discontinued)
I am a professional electronics engineer, semi-retired and I use my home workshop to do repairs to electronic equipment and computers. My workshop phone never stops ringing and I found that my answer phone soon filled with calls when I was off the premises. The cost to have BT divert calls from my landline to my mobile was prohibitive but I found a low cost alternative solution. A onetime payment for a piece of equipment than attaches to the router and phone line has solved the problem. I can now take and make calls from my landline from anywhere in the world, at no extra cost.

Cheap Solution to a No Computer Sound or Broken Laptop Headphone Socket
This is included here because loss of sound on a computer or broken headphone socket on a laptop can be a costly repair. This is a very cheap solution.

Security Camera and Webcam Software - Blue Iris
I decided to fit cameras around my property and needed multi camera recording software. After a great deal of research, I found Blue Iris which capable of monitoring up to 64 IP cameras. It worked without a problem and I found that it was cheaper to buy on eBay than from the official website.


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