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Cure Your Squeaky, Squeaking, Creaking Laminate Floor

Simple fix for a noisy laminate floor where the boards creak or squeak when trodden on


Takes minutes, lasts for years, costs almost nothing to do

A noisy squeaky creaky laminate floor can be caused by friction in the floor joints.
When trodden on, the joint between two boards is strained, any movement in the joint, even the slightest, can result in a very loud squeak or creaking sound. The cure is simple, quick and costs very little.

The friction and can be eliminated with a DRY PTFE Lubricant- Available here (Amazon)

It can be applied to the noisy joints in the floor, allowed to soak into the joint, dry out and within minutes leave a thin coating of DRY PTFE on the inside of the joint. This coating will allow the joints to glide smoothly across each other, eliminating any squeaking and creaking noises.


The product described here is a DRY PTFE lubricant. PTFE is better known as Teflon™
The PTFE is carried by a liquid which then quickly evaporates and leaves a thin DRY PTFE coating behind.

There is no liquid residue with this product

Other lubrications are available that contain PTFE but they are NOT DRY and leave an oily residue.

Make sure you purchase DRY PTFE lubricant.

Read the manufacturers safety instructions before using this product and the notes in red at the bottom of the page.


It would be advisable to test on a small area of your floor joints just to make sure that there are no ill effects or reactions with your particular flooring.

One method, is to apply some wide masking tape closely along either side of a floor joint, as close to the joint as possible, spray a small amount of the PTFE along the joint, wipe away the excess immediately. Wait a few minutes, test for squeaks, repeat if necessary.

Do not allow the lubricant to spread across the floor surface.
Only apply a tiny amount to the joint and let it trickle through.
(Read the warnings at the bottom of this page)

I installed a laminate floor across the ground floor of my home in late 2014. I followed the manufacturer's instructions to the letter and I still ended up with approximately nine areas that squeaked and creaked. I applied the PTFE as described above and it worked for ALL the squeaks and creaks.

I expected to have to repeat the application at some time in the near future but that was years ago (2014) and the laminate flooring is still squeak free. I still have plenty of PTFE left in the tin.

This solution is also great for tight or squeaky drawers, hinges etc. Tight drawers can be very annoying and a little of this spray down the runners will cure the problem.


Cure Your Squeaky, Squeaking, Creaking Laminate Floor


Reduces Friction - Repels Grit
This unique dry-film lubricant leaves a long-lasting, micro-thin, PTFE fluoropolymer coating that repels dirt, resists corrosion, and reduces friction and squeaks.

PTFE Dry-Film goes on wet to penetrate, then sets up with a clean, dry, white micro-thin coating film that bonds to most surfaces and lubricates parts to reduce sticking and squeaking.

Its thin coating is excellent for tight tolerances and sliding tracks and helps materials resist chemical contaminants or water.

Use on surfaces requiring a dry, non-oily, non-staining and silicone-free film.

Perfect for tight-tolerance applications where a microfilm lubricant is needed including: woodworking and trade tools; chains, gears, cables, bearings, valves, shafts, tracks and slides; hinges, locks, fasteners, sliding surfaces, sealers, blades and bulb threads; electrical switches and connectors; mowers, garden equipment, snowblowers, gaskets, seals, rollers, plastic gears, sleeves, ropes, drive belts and bushings; outdoor power equipment, fishing, cycling, sailing and marine; cutting blades, drill bits, saws; gaskets, seals, rollers, plastic gears, sleeves, drive belts and bushings.

DRY PTFE Lubricant

WARNING: DO NOT ALLOW the PTFE spray to spread across the floor surface and create a slip hazard.

NB: PTFE makes for a very slippery surface and any residues on the floor surface MUST ALWAYS be removed.

Check all areas following application to ensure you have left no slippery surfaces.

"If you are not confident in your abilities to prevent contamination of the floor surface with this product then do not attempt it and employ a professional."

Read the Safety and Technical Details provided by the manufacturer.



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