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Lead Pipe to Copper Pipe Repair

If you need to join a lead pipe to a copper pipe
you will need a Lead-Loc

A Lead-Loc is a compression joint for lead pipes that makes a strong and reliable joint.

This is not a new solution as they have been around for years.

Join Lead Pipe to Copper Pipe - Repair

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I won't go into the fitting of these as there are plenty of Youtube videos on this subject.

You can buy a variety of sizes to match the outside diameter of your lead pipe.

What size Lead-Loc do you need?

You will need to know the outside diameter of your lead pipe and then choose a fitiing from the table at the bottom of this page.

To determine the outside diameter of the lead pipe, wind a length of cotton twice around the pipe without stretching it and then measure its length in millimeters (mm)

Divide this result by 44 and multiply this answer by 7.

This is then the diameter of the pipe.

See the table at the bottom of this page for the correct Lead-Loc Size

Lead Pipe to Copper Pipe Repair

Lead-Loc Installation Guide

  1. Cut the lead pipe.

  2. Smooth it’s surface for about 50mm from the end.

  3. Removing the minimum of lead and chamfer the end.

  4. The ideal lead pipe size is shown underneath the coupling description overleaf (on header card).

  5. It should be a free fit without excessive play.

  6. Re-assemble the coupling.


  8. Insert the lead pipe into the coupling body until it reaches the internal stop.

  9. Hold the body with a suitable wrench and tighten the lead thrust nut fully.

  10. Maximum torque necessary is 15lbf.ft.

  11. The 15mm or 22mm copper tube end is a conventional compression fitting.

  12. A seal should be achieved after one turn maximum or 10lbf.ft torque.

  13. Do not overtighten as this could damage the nut.

  14. Pressure test when complete and re-tighten coupling nuts.

  15. The Gripper Ring (Number 3 In Diagram) has necessary sharp edges

Lead-Loc - JointLead Pipe to Copper Pipe

Choosing the Correct Size

Measure your lead pipe diameter as described above and choose from the list in red for the closest match in diameter. Choose also the fitting type 15mm/22mm copper compression or 20mm/25mm MOPE/MDPE (Plastic Pipes). Then order by Description or Part Code.

e.g If your lead pipe diameter is 22.9 then the closest to this size is 23.32. Your lead pipe is likely to be a 1/2" 7lb pipe and the correct Lead-Loc would be Part Code: C1003 which would fit to your 1/2" 7lb lead pipe and a 15mm copper pipe.

Current Fittings List & Size Determination
Lead -Loc = Lead to Copper Pipe
Lead-Loc Plus = Lead to Plastic Pipe

Cu=Copper Pipe
Pb=Lead Pipe
MDPE=Medium-Density Polyethylene Pipe
CMP=Compression Fitting

Lead-Loc Lead pipe to Copper Sizes

Lead Pipe to Copper Pipe Repair

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