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Improve Wi-Fi Signal or Extend Home Internet Network

A simple solution to extending internet access throughout your home

Improve your home broadband internet Wi-Fi signal throughout the house. Add internet sockets to any room WITHOUT any additional wiring.

Extend your Internet Network to Any Room  with a  Powerline Adapter


One thing that is common to all homes is a network of cabling that extends throughout the house and provides power to all rooms, i.e. the mains electricity cables.

These cables can be utilised to carry not only the power for your electrical equipment but also carry your broadband internet signal to any room in your house.

TP-Link Powerline Adapters are designed to do just this.

Typical Example

A house has a good broadband Wi-Fi signal throughout apart from the attic bedroom.

Solution: Use TP-Link Powerline Adapters

  • Plug in Powerline Adapter #1 into a wall socket close to the broadband router.
  • Connect the router to Powerline Adapter #1 using a plug-in network cable.
  • Plug in Powerline Adapter #2 close by.
  • Press a button on both Powerline Adapters to pair them.
  • Press the Wi-Fi Clone button to copy your network name and password from your router. (It will then use the same login details as the router Wi-Fi so there will be no additional setups to do).
  • Move Powerline Adapter 2 to the attic and plug in to a wall socket.

All done.

Wi-Fi will now be strong in the attic and surrounding area. In addition, Powerline Adapter #2 will have ethernet sockets so that a computer, TV or games console can be plugged in directly.

For the above example above you will need

Super-fast powerline Speed – HomePlug AV standard compliant.
Stable and high-speed data transfer rate, ideal for Ultra HD streaming and online gaming.
WiFi booster – extend up to 300 Mbps Wireless connections to previously hard-to-reach areas of your home and office.


If you have two areas to improve then you will need


Add on Powerline Adapter to an existing setup
(Only buy this if you already have one of the two above systems
and need an extra one to add to the system)


If you need extra speed for gaming and streaming then this one would be a better choice

Ultra-fast powerline speed: HomePlug AV2 standard compliant.
High-speed data transfer rate of up to 1300 Mbps.

Ideal for ultra HD streaming and online gaming MIMO technology.
Line-neutral/line-ground 2×2 MIMO with beamforming ensures fast and stable connection.
Gigabit port - provide reliable high-speed wired connection for game consoles, smart TVs and NAS.

Keep your outlet - an integrated socket lets you power regular devices as normal and a built-in noise filter prevents them from interrupting the powerline signal.
Plug, pair and play - set up your powerline network and start enjoying fast wired connection in minutes.

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