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Fix a toilet to tiled floor without drilling and using screws

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Fixing down a toilet without drilling and using screws.

In this example the toilet has held firm since 2010 (see photos below).

A great solution that is tried and tested and gives a secure, movement free fixing.

Great for fixing down a toilet to a ceramic tiled, porcelain tiled or plastic floor without the use of screws.

Silicon sealant is often recommended for this task but it does not last very long and tends to allow too much movement, it eventually fails altogether, this includes both the high modulus (HM) and low modulus (LM) types of silicon.

Here's a sealant that works perfectly, lasts for years and has the ideal hardness and elasticity for the job.

How to fix a Toilet to a Tiled Floor without Drilling

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  • Slightly flexible.
  • Durable
  • Bonds to ceramics extremely well.
  • Can be painted over.
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In 2010, I completely refurbished a bathroom which included new floor joists and a tiled floor.

It was a requirement to fix the toilet down to the ceramic tiles without drilling and without using screws.
I worried that if I drilled through the tiles, liquid would eventually get under the tiles and ruin the floor.

My first attempt to fix the the toilet down was with a high modulus silicon sealant. This worked at first but it gave up after a few months of use, the toilet eventually began to rock and move slightly when sat upon. A plumber friend advised me to use Sikaflex and I wish I had used it in the first place and saved myself a lot of time and trouble.

To fix the toilet down, I followed the method described below.
It has performed without problems since it was completed in 2010.
(See Images Below). Sikaflex can be purchased from Amazon Sikaflex 512

Fixing down a toilet without drilling and using screws.


Clean the floor area and toilet base so there is no grease to prevent proper adhesion.

Sit your toilet in place exactly as you require it to be with your waste pipe fitted and everything complete except the final fixing down.

To apply the adhesive, lift the pan approximately 8mm from the floor using suitable packing pieces.
( I used four pencils under the pan, located at the "four corners" so that it sat level in its final position ).

Fix your toilet down without using screws

To fix the toilet down, squirt a generous amount of the Sikaflex adhesive under the gap.

Use the whole tube and go all the way around the bottom of the pan.

Gently remove the packing pieces trying not to disturb the toilet position.

Run your finger around the edge pushing the adhesive into the gap leaving a smooth finish.

Allow plenty of time to set without being disturbed.

When the adhesive is set you may leave it as is or paint to the colour of your choice.

Fill the unused screw holes with a white silicon.

When you are finally able sit on the toilet it will be firm and permanently fixed without any movement, with the added bonus of not allowing any liquids to get underneath and cause unpleasant smells.


How to fix a Toilet to a Tiled Floor without Drilling

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Toilet Fixed Down without Screws

Fix Toilet Down to Ceramic Tiles without Drilling and using Screws

The image above shows the toilet fixed down without the use of screws.The toilet was fixed down using the method described.
The adhesive was then painted black and the screw holes filled in with white silicon.

This fixture has been in place since 2010 and shows no signs of moving or coming loose.

Fix Toilet Down Without Drilling and using Screws


Fixing a toilet to floor tiles

Fix Your Toilet to Tiled Floor Without Using Screws


Sikaflex Adhesive

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