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Divert Landline Calls to your Cellphone/Mobile Phone for Free

Simple and Inexpensive Solution to Diverting Unlimited Landline calls to your Cellphone/Mobile Phone for Free

Divert andline to Mobile

Invoxia Voice Bridge

Get unlimited landline calls diverted
to your mobile one/cellphone for free

  • Receive and make landline calls using your smartphone, even when away from home.

  • Better than a call forward, place calls with your landline number at additional cost.

  • Use your smartphone address book for all your calls.

  • Connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

  • Available on: iPhone/iPad iOS (8 and above) and all Android Phones (4.2 & above).

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November 2018

I am a professional electronics engineer with a workshop based at home. I used to rely on my wife to answer the phone when I was away on calls.

I costed having my landline calls diverted to my mobile phone (BT Landline) and at the time of writing this would have cost a minimum of £0.69 set up fee per call. With all the "spam" calls I receive on a daily basis; this sort of cost would not be sustainable.

I searched for an alternative solution and found one. This took the form of a device that would attach to my internet router and telephone line. Any incoming calls would then be forwarded to my mobile phone. This would work whilst I was at home using WiFi and anywhere else using my data connection. Simple.

Always sceptical, I did a considerable amount of research before making a purchase and after reading hundreds of positive reviews I found no reason not to buy one. I purchased a device known as a "voice bridge" from a company called Invoxia, it arrived the next day.

It literally took me 5 minutes to set up out of the box.
Absolutely no complicated instructions to follow.

1. Plug device into your phone line

2. Plug device into your internet router/hub

3. Plug into mains supply.

4. Download Invoxia App on smartphone

5. Search for the bridge using the App and click connect.

All Done.

As I was completing the setup the landline phone rang and I successfully took the call on my mobile phone.

This was the quickest and simplest of setups.

I have now been using this device for months without issues.

Well worth the initial outlay.


May 2019

It has now been just over six months since I purchased this device and I have had absolutely no issues with it. Every call has been successfuly transfered to my mobile phone.

Aug 2019

Still no problems, I now never use my home phone handsets, I just answer all calls with my mobile phone.

Jan 2020

No issues

Read Reviews on Amazon UK

Divert andline to Mobile



1. Invoxia Voice Bridge available here (from Amazon.co.uk)

2. Mobile Phone (iPhone with iOS 8 and above) or (Android Phone 4.2 and above).

3. Wireless Internet


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Divert andline to Mobile


Get unlimited landline calls diverted to your mobile phone/cellphone for free


Invoxia Voice Bridge

Available here - (from Amazon.co.uk)


Read Reviews on Amazon UK

Compatible with iOS (iOS7+) and Android (4.2+) devices
Two smartphones or tablets can join in on the same call.
PSTN management: second call management, DTMF/FSK CLI support, DTMF management, VMWI
Works with any analog telephony landline (incumbent PSTN line, or analog telephony port of a VoIP gateway)
Auto-discovery of Voice Bridge base

Size: 3.15 inches (L) / 3.15 in (l) / 0.8 in (h)
One analogue telephony interface (RJ11 PSTN)
One Ethernet port (100 Mbits)
Power supply: 5V/0,5A

Receive and make calls from landline using mobile phone
Address book linked to phone contacts (optional) with caller ID displayed
Notifications for missed calls
Notifications when base is offline
Join a conversation ( up to 2 persons connected to Voice Bridge in a call simultaneously )
Manage 2 calls at a time
"Erase all" button, for call history deletion (iOS only)
Dialling shortcut for voice mail and landline transfer
Multiple ringtones available
Possibility to disable FollowMeAudio feature

Available here - (from Amazon.co.uk)

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