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Digital Shower Thermometer

Monitor your shower water temperature with this digital thermometer

Fit it yourself- no tools required

Available here from Amazon

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Prevent scalding of children and the elderly with this simple and easy to fit inline digital shower thermometer

My mother-in-law has Alzheimer's and showering her was initially a problem when trying to set the correct shower water temperature. I used a clinical thermometer initially but soon got tired of using it and I sought a more convenient solution, i.e a digital inline shower temperature gauge.

I found this cheap digital thermometer that was easily fitted between the shower valve and shower rose pipe. I just unscrewed the shower flexible pipe and inserted the shower thermometer.

No batteries were required as the flow of water powers the thermometer as soon as the shower is turned on.

I have had this fitted to my shower since 2019, the shower is used every day and provides a reliable indication of temperature.

This simple inline digital shower thermometer is great for people with children or when caring for an elderly person.

Available here from Amazon

Easy to Install

  • Just unscrew your shower rose pipe.
  • Screw on the digital shower thermometer by hand.
  • Screw your shower rose pipe back on.

Digital Shower Thermometer

Setting the temperature of a shower for someone else is difficult. Is it too hot or too cold? A good starting temperature for a shower is around 39 degrees centigrade. Testing the shower water temperature by hand is difficult and temperatures a lot higher than necessary are easily set causing extreme discomfort or painful scalding.

No Batteries Required

The flow of water powers the digital shower thermometer

Digital Shower Thermometer


Digital Shower Temperature Gauge

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