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No Sound on your Desktop Computer
or a
Broken Laptop Headphone Socket

Broken Headphone Socket

All laptops have a headphone socket which are unfortunately are easily broken. Any regular use of headphones will inevitably lead to a faulty headphone socket. A faulty socket is not really repairable and would have to have be replaced with a new one. This is would involve a major strip down of your laptop to access the motherboard to enable the old socket to be replaced. The device descibed below would be a cheaper altenative.

No sound from your desktop computer - this device will provide a simple fix.

There are available on Amazon, USB plug-in sound devices whereby the onboard sound is bypassed and the USB device takes over. There are no drivers to install and it is just a matter of plugging the device into a spare USB socket, wait for a minute whilst it sets itself up, plug in your headphones or speakers and away you go. Most of these devices also include a microphone socket.

They are available on Amazon costing next to nothing.

There is a great choice from a variety of suppliers.

USB Sound Card buy on Amazon





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